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Have kid, will travel.

Wander Market on Oct 24th 2018

I am a travel junkie. Seriously, I LOVE every aspect of it; the planning, the packing, the journey (turbulence = a “free” roller coaster), navigating new destinations, & discovering hidden gems.T … read more

Hello Summer!

Wander Market on Jul 18th 2018

At the risk of sounding a little nostalgic, I am proud to say I grew up in the golden age of summer, where we played freely once the memory of the school year faded away.This fall, my son starts first … read more

The Great Family Campout

Wander Market on May 26th 2018

Spring in Texas welcomes bluebonnets and cooler weather, which makes for a perfect combination for quick family vacations where one can be outdoors, enjoy nature, and breathe in the fresh air wi … read more