Have kid, will travel.

Wander Market on Oct 24th 2018

I am a travel junkie. Seriously, I LOVE every aspect of it; the planning, the packing, the journey (turbulence = a “free” roller coaster), navigating new destinations, & discovering hidden gems.

Thankfully, I married someone whose wanderlust is as insatiable as my own. So when we were expecting, we, like most well-meaning parents, declared we weren’t slowing down. We would show them the world. If you asked our family they might say we overcorrected, because in a few short years, our kiddo has flown on nearly a hundred flights.

As a mom, the one question I get consistently is, “what are your tips for traveling with kids?” Having nearly done it all, I have tips for days, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Worried your little one will scream or lose their little toddler mind during a flight? Remind yourself they are neither the first, nor last kid on earth to have a hard time on the plane! Stay calm and pack your free drink coupons.
  • Get to the airport and find your luggage is overweight? Car seats and strollers are exempt from baggage fees, so offload some items into your car seat bag. (Yes, you want/need a car seat bag.)
  • Kiddo gets epically sick on your trip? Or even worse, on a travel day? I’ve been there. It’s going to be ok. Make sure you always pack fever-reducers. Searching for a drug store in a foreign town with a sick kiddo is the pits.
  • Kiddo in diapers? Pack plenty to reach your designation, then buy more there. You’ll lose precious luggage space trying to fit several days worth in your bags.
  • Willing to spare a few $$ for tip? SkyCap is your travel best friend. The lines are usually shorter and they are often willing to overlook bags that are a few pounds overweight.

Here are a few other things you can do to make your travel life easier:

  • When it comes to your travel wardrobe, always keep your destination and comfort in mind. A Kimono, or a comfy jumpsuit, or midi will make it easy to carry a tired little one without running the risk of flashing your “assets”. Pack some basic tees that you can easily transition from day to night and don’t forget a couple versatile statement pieces.
  • For carry-on’s, we love backpacks with insulated cooler pockets so we can stash sandwiches (and a couple brews) when were out exploring. Attaching a couple carabiners can be helpful to help keep your hands free too. (One day they will carry their own stuff, right?) Make sure to pack a small blanket, plenty of healthy snacks, and backup chargers for your electronic devices.

  • Always have a “grab bag” packed of travel-sized toiletries for yourself and the kiddos. Its comes in handy when you drop them off at the grandparents house for sleepover too!

  • Keep your MacWifer (watch out MacGyver!) bag packed too. Mine is stocked with Band-Aids, nail clippers, travel laundry sink packets, ibuprofen, safety pins, a pocket knife, and an emergency cash stash.

We found out early that traveling with kiddos is a blessing. They open your eyes to places you wouldn’t have see without them and their amazement is contagious! They learn how to be adaptable and you do too. (Who knew you could really share a bag with your partner?)

"To travel is to live."
- Hans Christian Anderson