The Great Family Campout

Wander Market on May 26th 2018

Spring in Texas welcomes bluebonnets and cooler weather, which makes for a perfect combination for quick family vacations where one can be outdoors, enjoy nature, and breathe in the fresh air without the worry of mosquitoes and humidity.

On a recent Wander Market trip to a favorite antique shop in La Grange, we unknowingly found ourselves there the same weekend as the semi-annual Warrenton & Round Top Antique Show. Driving around and seeing all the tents inspired us to plan our first (of hopefully many) Great Family Campouts. Knowing that summer temperatures were creeping around the corner, we immediately started preparations.

Being a short two night/three day trip, we packed light (probably too light for some of us, but more on that later). Each of our three families rallied together to stock our coolers with fresh fruit, marinated meats and tofu to grill, chili, kombucha, and plenty of craft beer. Keeping mother earth in mind, we also brought along our ToGoWare bamboo utensils and Nobi stainless steel anniversary mugs.

We arrived on a Friday at the beautiful and secluded Lake Bastrop South Shore. It was a busy weekend with only one campsite available to rent, which was perfectly situated under a few trees, leaving plenty of room for our group and great view of the sky.

After the tents were pitched, some went fishing or hiking on the nearby trails, and others gathered around the campfire to relax. Once everyone was back from their explorations, we played several lively games of Shark in the Water with the kids. After dinner, we made s’mores and played games.

During our first night, our mild 80-degree weather was pushed out by a forecasted cold front, which was preceded by a long and memorable thunderstorm. What was not forecasted was that the anticipated 50-60 degree temperatures, ended up instead in the 30’s and 40’s. Unfortunately, some in our group were not prepared for such frigid weather, but were able to improvise with extra clothes others had brought. Even more fortunate was that Bastrop Bucee’s wasn’t too far, so the drive out for more firewood and additional clothing was convenient. It was an experience and something to keep in mind while camping in Texas.

The trip was an unforgettable experience. Simply gathering around the bonfire without the disruptions of our phones allowed us to enjoy each other’s company and the great outdoors. And while, some in our group hesitate to call it a complete success, it is safe to say that we all agreed fun was had, memories were made, and this will be an annual tradition. 

Cheers to making memories and new adventures!