Color Block Circle Necklace

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Kate Joseph, the designer and maker behind Clouds and Ladders, spent years going back and forth between her loves of making art and helping people. Clouds and Ladders jewelry is handmade in her studio tucked among the redwoods in San Francisco’s North Bay Area. Kate solders each individual brass frame with a torch and meticulously inlays each piece with the geometric shapes that make Clouds and Ladders so unique.Much of Kate's inspiration comes from the natural and man-made elements in places she’s lived, including the pink Sandia sunsets in New Mexico and vintage t-shirts and architectural elements in California.Needing a name to post to Instagram so she could share photos with friends and family, Kate chose 2 things that represented getting up and out of her depression as well as representing a balance between the pragmatic and the ephemeral: Clouds and Ladders.