Source Vital Deozein Natural Deodorant

$16.95 - $48.00
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Deozein is a natural spray deodorant, perfect for those searching for a natural alternative to conventional deodorant. Not just a cover-up, the formulas eliminate odor for both men and women. Deozeins are formulated with pure essential oils, natural mineral salts and seaweed extract, all known for controlling bacteria that cause odor.

The roots of Source Vitál Apothecary reach back nearly thirty years to a time before natural and synthetic-free were buzz words in the skin and body care industry. The ingredients used in the Source Vitál line are derived from nature and formulated using seaweed, whole plant extracts, pure essential oils, and purified water. These products were/are formulated by the founders and staff, who have decades of experience using them in “real world” settings, including spa services.