Sydney Hale Candles

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Bourbon Brown SugarAn ode to the American spirit. Rich, molasses saturated sugar cane and charred double oaked bourbon. Straight up.

Grapefruit HibiscusTropical Hawaiian hibiscus meets the tangy bitterness of grapefruit. A floral / citrus marriage full of warm day vibes.

Bergamot Black TeaThe salty citrus of the winter blooming bergamot orange blend and come alive with the soothing aroma of dried black tea leaves.

Coconut Milk VetiverLet's go to the beach. The perennial bunch grass of Haitian vetiver blends with raw crushed coconut for a sophisticated balance in the world of tropics.

Elderberry RoseRosewater and rose absolute wrapped in dried black currant leaves.

Garden Mint - Fresh green mint from your herb garden intertwined with notes of sweet basil and earth.  

Coastal Juniper - Inhale the Pacific Northwest with notes of wild berry, beach grass and cedar on a heavy ground coated base of sun soaked juniper.

 Sydney Hale is committed to supporting animal rescue by donating 10% of their profits to organizations working for the cause.

-premium soy wax blend / double cotton wick
- 14 oz
- approx. 50 hour burn time