Sydney Hale Room Spray

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Summer Sweet + PineThis pine is of the sun soaked summer variety. Warm and toasty with fragrant summer sweet and dried chamomile flower.

Lavender + Bay Laurel- Herbal and bright in its signature with lavender, bay laurel, lemon+ cedar.

Fig + Vanilla- A mellow earthy black fig accord, touch of anise and bourbon vanilla, rounded out with sandalwood and musk.

Oaked Bitter Orange- A resinous fragrance that entices multiple senses. Charred oak and pitchoulli add great depth to this bold and bitter citrus fruit.

Woods- A complex blend with depth and freshness, Bay leaf, bergamot, sharp and resinous Australian sandalwood, smoked cedarwood and dried hay.


- Sydney Hale supports animal rescue by donating 10% of their profits to organizations working for the cause.

- 3.5 oz (100ml) home fragrance spray